We Are Live!

Congratulations to everyone who has been published. The website is offically live and we are very proud and excited about it!


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Hey Everyone,

Congratulations on everyone that is going to be accepted in the inaugural publication of Husk! I know it’s been awhile since our last blog post. Rest assured we’ve been working really hard on collecting and formatting all your work and making the website look amazing. The website will go live this M0nday, April 9th. We are so excited, and hope all of you are too!

Hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous weather and hopefully the sky-high pollen count isn’t bothering you all too much.

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Reading Through

Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been awhile, but we’ve been very busy. Today we sat down after reading through a ton of great submissions and made some decisions. It’s really interesting which pieces reach out to each of us. A lot of times, Rachel would turn to us and say “yes or no?” and two of us would immediatly say yes, while the other two said no. This is great, because it means your submissions inspired discussion.

Therefore, some of you who have submitted will be receiving emails today, and regardless of what happens thank you so much for submitting.

Also, keep in mind that the submissions deadline has been extended to April 2nd, so keep submitting and keep spreading the word!

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Amazing Progress

Hello Everyone!

Just sending an update, letting everyone know how thrilled we are with all the quality submissions we’re getting. We are discussing a date next week to start reading through everything (even though most of us have been reading it all as it’s been sent in) and start making some decisions on what we think fits. We are even entertaining the idea of extending our deadlines because we are getting so much great stuff.

Thanks, and keep the awesome submissions coming!

Also, who is seeing the Hunger Games, Thursday at midnight? Anyone? Anyone?


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Website Updated!

Hey guys. As we’re going through submissions and still soliciting for more, Rachel has been tweaking the website, and has made some really cool changes that you all should check out. I think it looks much cleaner. Keep writing, keep submitting, and keep enjoying the gorgeous weather. I know I’ll be playing tennis later this evening.

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Back from Spring Break!

Hello Everyone,

We’ve all just returned– renewed and refrehed– from spring break and were so excited to see the submissions waiting for us on our return. Meghan traveled to Florida, while the rest of us returned to our hometowns. It’s good to be back in Fredericksburg working on the journal.

That being said…we still would love LOTS more submissions. So keep sumitting, and even more importantly, keep spreading the word to friends, family, and other writers you know that would be interested.

Thanks, and hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous weather! (Mid 70’s here.)

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Keep the Submissions Coming!

Hope everyone is enjoying the mix of winter and spring weather, wherever you are. Here in Virginia we just went from two inches of white deliciousness, to a gorgeous, sunny afternoon in the high forties, all in one day. After the snow melted, it was clear spring is on its way, heralded by crocuses, the first flower of spring!

On another note, just wanted to remind everyone to keep the submissions coming! We were excited to find that we just received our first international submission all the way from London the other day.

Stay safe and stay warm.

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Submissions Soon!

Hey Everyone! Husk Literary Journal will be accepting submissions starting today (February 23) through March 27th! Our information flyers will be popping up all over the country, and we are really excited about reading your Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Non-Fiction, as well as seeing your artwork and photography. It’s 70 degrees outside here in Fredericksburg, Virginia– Spring is coming!

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Welcome to husk-e!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the editors blog for Husk Literary Journal. Here you’ll find updates and information on what’s going on– submissions, site additions, deadlines, and random facts about our editors. Follow us here to stay in the loop as we develop Husk!

If you haven’t already visited our site and/or submitted work, please follow the link to our Husk homepage. Also, feel free to explore the other links to our facebook and twitter pages.

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